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The Epistle to the Colossians

David Bambrick          Chapter Three: verses 1-25. As in the last two chapter of Galatians, Paul here, in these last two chapter gives lots of practical teaching or application on what he has taught previously. It’s one thing to state and defend the truth but it’s a whole other thing if we are not demonstrating the…

A Sin by any Other Name Would Smell Just as Bad.

As I was reading about the national sins of Israel in the wilderness, I was interested in what the Word of God had to say concerning His chosen, their rebellion and how God dealt with it all. For more information on this read Psalms 105-107. It is Psalm 106 that relates to what I’m about…

Colossians Ch2

David Bambrick          31/10/2022 -12/12/2022 Chapter Two: verses 1-23. V1-3. Continuing on from chapter 1 verse 29 and keeping in mind that the Bible was written without chapter separation (1300 ad) and verse numbering (1500 ad). Paul reiterates the striving and agonising he says, “on your behalf.” What does he mean “on your behalf?, is it…

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