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The Answer is not 42

Questions, questions, questions, what’s with all the questions? It is healthy though to ask questions especially about life, the universe and everything else. But I can assure you that there is a lot more to the answer than just forty-two. Many people ask questions about life. They study anatomy and physiology, the psychology of manContinue reading “The Answer is not 42”

2 Timothy 4:6

If ever there was a time when a man had every right to be belligerent, frustrated, angry and confused, Paul was the man and this was the place. But Paul never said the glass is half empty, he never doubted that every circumstance he found himself in was not being orchestrated by his Savior andContinue reading “2 Timothy 4:6”

Sons and Daughters

My wife and I have six wonderful children, four boys and two girls and we love them like no other. So that there’s no misunderstanding of what I’m about to say, parents who love their children are doubly blessed (Ps 127:3-5). So, what I’m going to say is this; I have come to realise thatContinue reading “Sons and Daughters”

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