It’s not easy but it’s enjoyable

It never ceases to amaze me how authors flex their vocabulary muscles. Writers are amazing, especially those who grant us the benefit of their experience with the “How to Write” genre. Authors such as William Zinsser, Roy Peter Clarke, Andrew T. Le Peau and of course Willian Strunk Jr. I have read, read and re-read all of their books, and been rewarded for my efforts. I, along with others consider these authors giants in their calling, and yes, I’m a little jealous.

I’m very new at the art and craft of writing and I can assure you in total agreeance with these authors that developing this art and craft is hard work. It’s mental gymnastics trying to acquaint oneself with the techniques and tools to write a coherent article. On a couple of occasions, I have searched my office floor for my brains after my head has exploded with the frustration of trying to put together a comprehensible and articulate piece of prose. On a positive note though, the hard work and exploding heads are well worth the time and effort if you have a love for books and a penchant for expressing yourself on paper.

Along with my goal of developing my writing skills – before I die that is – I get enjoyment out of dissecting sentences, paragraphs and chapters of books by skilled authors. I read an assortment of genres within two main categories, that of fiction and non-fiction. These include essays, bulletins editorials and full on novels. All manner of fictional stories from authors such as C.S. Lewis, Stephen Lawhead, Frank Peretti, Charles Dickens, H.G. Wells and – wash my mouth out with soap – Edgar Allen Poe. The non-fictional authors like John Stott, Billy Graham, Watchman Nee, David Jeremiah, J.I. Packer, D.A. Carson, John MacArthur just to name a few. I even read cookbooks.

My blog site is where I get to express my joy and opinion on some of the most dynamic, deep, and praise God, influential prose ever written and that includes my favourite book of all, The Word of God.

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