Sons and Daughters

My wife and I have six wonderful children, four boys and two girls and we love them like no other. So that there’s no misunderstanding of what I’m about to say, parents who love their children are doubly blessed (Ps 127:3-5). So, what I’m going to say is this; I have come to realise that a son needs a father and a daughter needs a dad.

Daughter have a gift, I’m not sure where it comes from but what I do know is that daughters have this uncanny knack of manipulating their dads. They seem to be able to get dads to do anything. Sometimes I come away shaking my head saying to myself “How did she con me into doing that?” I guess it’s allowing yourself to be a dad shaped by grace and humility.

A daughter needs her dad to bond with her. As a Christian dad, you get to bathe the entire bonding process in grace. A grace-filled dad is one who is wholly and unconditionally passionate about the growth and maturity of his daughter as well as his sons.

I long to see my daughters love Jesus and his kingdom. I desire to invest in them so that they will grow up loving God and his people. I long to see them filled with joy, focused on others, and positive about what they believe. I want to see them develop their talents for the benefit of others. I long for them to have healthy connections to friends, family, and that’s why I started praying for a husband for then before they were born. I know that my daughters’ understanding of me will shape a large part of their understanding of God. 

I long to give grace to them in a million ways so that they will flourish. I hope to do nothing to hinder their love for the Lord. I realise that my job as protector and provider is over, but I can still aspire to fan the flames of their love for Christ.

  • I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth (3 John1:4).
  • Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers (Prov 17:6)

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