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Just so you know and FYI.

Hello there, my name is David and I’m a born again believer. But don’t let that scare you. My wife and I own a farm in the South East of South Australia.

You are most welcome at this site and more than welcome to comment, after all words matter, opinions debated and interesting stories are read. Profanity is not welcome, nor are bad attitudes. If you have something to say I will listen but say it nicely, please.

This site is not theological, hermeneutical or apologetically inclined. I leave that for in depth bible studies. I’m very interested in reflecting on authors who communicate their thoughts and impressions of God, His kingdom and how to live in obedience through their writing. I give these authors the floor to express their depth of understanding and for me to explore where they’re coming from and where they’re going with what they write. Authors like C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, David Jeremiah, Watchman Nee, George MacDonald, J.I. Packer, Ken Ham, Tim Lahaye and a plethora of others.

I read to broaden my understanding of how others perceive God and to glean from them, perhaps, a pearl of wisdom or something deep and insightful. In which ever way it comes it must be agreeable and inline with the Word of God, because His word is our only yard stick. I also read to review the content, the authors intentions and the context in which they write. I’m certainly no expert on book reviews so what I relate to the reader is entirely my own opinions. I find that it’s important to try to see through the eyes of the author when reading their material, whether it’s books, essays, articles or poems.

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