Sons and Daughters

My wife and I have six wonderful children, four boys and two girls and we love them like no other. So that there’s no misunderstanding of what I’m about to say, parents who love their children are doubly blessed (Ps 127:3-5). So, what I’m going to say is this; I have come to realise thatContinue reading “Sons and Daughters”

Oh! Me Hair

This poem I wrote in 2012. As I looked into bathroom mirror after arising from bed one morning the train-wreck that stared back at me prompted this poem. I’ll have to cut me hair today, me hair it’s gone all wrong.It’s old and grey and very coarse like a sailor and his song.A patch ofContinue reading “Oh! Me Hair”


I had a little caterpillar and his name was Fred. Every night I tucked him in his caterpillar bed. Then one day I woke to find a very lovely site. No more Fred, instead, a beautiful butterfly in flight.

Called to Action

Australian author of yesteryear Banjo Patterson once wrote a poem titled “The Man From Snowy River.” The opening stanza of this poetical story tells of an incredible prize, in the form of a colt, that had escaped its corral. A thousand pounds they say the colt was worth in 1890, which nowadays would equate toContinue reading “Called to Action”

Might I Inquire

Inquiring of the Lord! What a novel idea. Seriously though, inquiring of the Lord should be so second nature that those who observe our behavior should be asking “Why are you always talking to yourself?” Twice in Isaiah the Lord encourages us to “Come, let us reason together…,” and again “Present your case says theContinue reading “Might I Inquire”

Survival Guides

Most of us have heard of Survival and How-To guides. There are hundreds of these publications – each written for a specific purpose – from birth to death and everything imaginable in-between. Some of these guides are written by well-meaning authors, others are written by those who want to make a quick dollar, and still,Continue reading “Survival Guides”

Stay The Course

It’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Failure after success, defeat after victory. What does that even mean? In hot pursuit of meaning to this paradox I came across a perfect example. I found it in my favorite book no less, the Bible. His name is David and it’s a tragedy. In this bookContinue reading “Stay The Course”

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